Although The Doctor is the main charachter of Doctor Who , it is unclear what age he is . However , many little hints about his age have been given .

Timelord ageingEdit

In the War games , the second doctor describes that a timelord cannot die of old age , so no suggestion could be described as too old . In the Doctor Who Magazine comic The Time Witch , the fourth doctor said he was a teenager for 50 years , so he must be over 50 . In the episode The Stolen Earth , before he visits The Medusa cascade , he remembers visiting it when he was a kid , only nintey , so he must be older than nintey.

900 years oldEdit

Many times , The Doctor describes himself as being 900 years old . In the episode Aliens Of London , Jackie Tyler slapps the doctor for taking Rose as a companion . Later in the episode , the doctor tells Rose 900 years and I've never been slapped .