Owen Harper is a charachter from the Doctor Who spin off torchwood. Andy Pryor , the casting director for Torchwood describes Owen as being sexy , but sexy in his own way . However ,Verity Stob , a parodist describes Owen as less sympethatic and more unlikable than the other Torchwood charachters in his unauthiorized Torchwood play , under Torch Wood .


Ianto Jones

Ianto relies on Owen for jobs he needs done . However ; Owen and Ianto often get into fights about Ianto's girlfriend Leela , who became a cyberwoman and tried to kill the torchwood team in the episode Cyberwoman .In the episode Captain Jack Harkness the fight gets so vicious that Ianto shoots Owen !



(above)Owen outside the Torchwood hub


(above) Owen with his favourite thing ever , alien technology

(below) , Owen always was a ladies man , he died to save Martha Jones , a woman he had only just met!