Following is a list of stories in the original (19631989) and new (2005 – Present) BBC Doctor Who television series, plus the 1996 Television movie, per the BBC Episode Guide.

Names used are those given by the BBC. Alternative titles are noted.

This list does not include spin-off series such as Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures, also set in the Whoniverse.

First Doctor - William Hartnell Edit

Season 1 - 1963-64Edit

Season 2 - 1964-65Edit

Season 3 - 1965-66Edit

Season 4 - 1966 Edit

Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton Edit

Season 4 (continued) - 1966-67Edit

Season 5 - 1967-68Edit

Season 6 - 1968-69Edit

Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee Edit

Season 7 - 1970Edit

Colour production begins

Season 8 - 1971Edit

Season 9 - 1972Edit

Season 10 - 1972-73Edit

Season 11 - 1973-74Edit

Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker Edit

Season 12 - 1974-75Edit

Season 13 - 1975-76Edit

Season 14 - 1976-77Edit

Season 15 - 1977-78Edit

Season 16 - 1978-79 Edit

Season 17 - 1979-80Edit

Season 18 - 1980-81Edit

Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison Edit

Season 19 - 1982Edit

Season 20 - 1983Edit

Season 21 - 1984Edit

Sixth Doctor - Colin BakerEdit

Season 21 (continued) - 1984Edit

Season 22 - 1985Edit

Format changes to 45-minute episodes

Season 23 - 1986Edit

25-minute episodes resume

Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy Edit

Season 24 - 1987Edit

Season 25 - 1988Edit

Season 26 - 1989Edit

Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann Edit

Television Movie - 1996Edit

Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston Edit

Series 1 - 2005Edit

Note: Beginning with this season, the multi-episode serial format was abandoned in favour of a mixture of standalone single-episode stories and two (and later three) parters, along side an ongoing story arc. Standard episode length changes to 45 minutes, with occasional longer exceptions. For promotional purposes, the BBC chose to start numbering the seasons anew, although unofficially the count continued from 1989's Season 26.

Tenth Doctor - David Tennant Edit

Beginning with Tennant's era, the producers began varying the episode formats, adding occasional special mini-episodes (usually produced for charity) and an annual Christmas special episode (both of which are is generally considered separate from the season that follows). Several episodes have exceeded the 45-minute standard, including the Christmas specials and several regular-season episodes.

Series 2 - 2006Edit

Series 3 - 2007Edit

Series 4 2008Edit

2008-2010 specialsEdit

The End of Time is a two part story, the first to use one name for two separate episodes since the show was revived in 2005.

Eleventh Doctor - Matt SmithEdit

Series 5 - 2010Edit

Series 6 - 2011Edit

Series 7 - 2011-2013Edit

  • The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
  • Asylum of the Daleks
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • A Town Called Mercy
  • The Power of Three
  • The Angels Take Manhattan
  • The Snowmen


Pilot EpisodeEdit

Jim'll Fix It Mini-Episode - 1985Edit

Search Out Science Mini-Episode - 1990Edit

Children in Need Special - 1993Edit

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day Special - 1999Edit

See alsoEdit

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