200px-Amy Pond
Amy Pond is married to Rory Williams and is mother to Melody Pond. She travelled with the Eleventh Doctor.

Amy or Amelia (as she was then called) met the doctor first when she was a little girl, and after investigating the ominous crack in her bedroom wall, (which plays a major part in future adventures) he vanishes into the TARDIS, after promising to return quickly. Amelia waits all night in the garden for her doctor, and when he does return, Amelia is all grown up.

During the long years that Amelia waits for the Doctor, he takes the form of an  imaginary  friend, her childhood friends, Rory and Mel, know about the Doctor, though Rory does not believe him to be real, (for more on Mel check out 'River Song'. This childhood belief of the doctor has an impact on her fututre travels with the Doctor, when he finally returns for her.